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Dog Parks Fight Wet Season with Artificial Turf Made for Dogs

Dog Parks Stay Open When Artificial Turf Replaces Natural Grass
SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 26, 2009 – Over the next few months, dog owners may need to look elsewhere to let their pooches run freely. Many community dog parks are closing due to the wet season in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Heavy rain is causing dog parks’ once plush grass to turn into a messy muddy area, leaving the park area unsafe and unclean for dogs.

To combat this rising seasonal trend, some local dog parks are installing artificial turf, so that mud is never an issue and therefore, will never shut down. For example, after shutting down just six weeks after it first opened (three years ago), Los Gatos Creek Dog Park in Campbell, Calif., recently re-opened with newly installed K9Grass from ForeverLawn Inc. Designed specifically for dogs, K9Grass is all-season, has an antimicrobial agent in the blades and a draining feature, which allows pet waste to drain easily. According to ForeverLawn, other parks and many pet facilities and homeowners also have K9Grass in the bay area and nationwide.

Dog owners (and dogs), who frequent parks with artificial turf, are noticeably happier that their favorite dog park is not closed down for months at a time, and is much cleaner and safer. Installing artificial turf also reduces maintenance costs for dog parks, as they don’t have to reinstall grass once a year or continuously lay down alternatives to grass (i.e. wood chips) to cover muddy areas.

“We recognized that the wet season would cause problems,” said Ubaldo Perez, a civil engineer who works for the Los Gatos Creek Dog Park. “We looked at several options to address the issue, and K9Grass quickly became the easy choice. Because of K9Grass, we don’t have to replace the muddy turf, and we don’t need to water grass any longer, so we’ve also reduced our maintenance costs as a result. Reducing water consumption is important too, especially with the possible draught ahead.”

On any given day from December to April, dog owners can be hit with a “Park Closed” sign due to the rainy season. Frustrated pet owners are demanding better facilities. When artificial turf is utilized, as in the case of Los Gatos Creek Dog Park, the residents are thrilled with the results.

“Now that K9Grass has been installed, it’s more convenient and enjoyable to go to the park with my dog. It’s also a lot cleaner. I never smell any odors compared to some other parks,” said Ashley Lundngaard, a Campbell resident.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from residents who use the park. I think the dogs are a lot happier as well,” said Perez.

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K9Grass - The artificial grass designed specifically for dogs!

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