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Curtis Hixon Dog Park in Tampa, Fla.

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Central Park Dog Park featuring K9Grass by ForeverLawn

K9Grass at Los Gatos

New Trend in Dog Park Development Eliminates Mud and Maintenance Closures


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Dog parks offer a tremendous opportunity for parks and recreation departments to service a large segment of their communities. Thanks to an advanced dog park surface called K9Grass, these dog parks can now stay open year round, in all types of weather. K9Grass by ForeverLawn is the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs. Due to the unique features of K9Grass, there is growing excitement and momentum around using this specially-designed artificial grass in dog parks instead of other surfacing options such as natural grass, concrete, or gravel. And unlike common park surfaces, K9Grass can be installed both indoors and out.

Dog parks are a great asset to any community. These parks offer dogs and their pet parents an opportunity to socialize, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. K9Grass by ForeverLawn is making dog parks a win/win proposition for pet parents and park maintenance departments by providing a clean, safe surface where dogs can play that requires minimal maintenance.


No matter what the weather or the climate happens to be, K9Grass is never muddy, dusty, or unusable. Dogs can play in a rainstorm and get back in the car clean. This is a tremendous benefit for those pet parents who dread loading a dirty dog into the car. The benefits do not stop there. Parks and recreation departments enjoy the fact that K9Grass is "guaranteed not to grow," which means it requires no mowing, reseeding, or chemical treatments to keep it growing and green. It also does not die and turn to mud. While maintenance is typically less than a grass area, it does require a specific maintenance regimen that is customized for each application.


In addition to our thousands of boarding and residential projects, other facilities such as community dog parks, dog parks for profit, and commercial dog parks can all enjoy the benefits of K9Grass.

Several examples include:

Central Park Dog Park in the city of Fremont, Calif., is the largest synthetic grass dog park in the nation at 40,000 square feet. Park users in Fremont don’t have to worry about mud or park closures, and the dog park is open rain or shine.

Los Gatos Creek Dog Park in Campbell, CA took an uninviting grassless area and replaced it with K9Grass, making it a beautiful and fully-functional dog park.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in downtown Tampa, FL, is a new development that is considered the crown jewel of the city’s urban parks. The dog park features K9Grass, which integrates perfectly with the riverwalk, the Glazer Children’s Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art and downtown, giving dogs a safe, green place to exercise and play.

It is important to note that there are other companies now touting a "dog grass," when in actuality, they are re-branding a sport field or landscape grass. K9Grass by ForeverLawn has set the standard for synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs.

There are three very important benefits of K9Grass that park developers should be aware of when evaluating a synthetic dog grass product.

Unique K9Grass Benefits:

  • Immediate drainage and ability to withstand heavy dog use due to the knitted flow through backing of K9Grass. (Inferior products are tufted and have either no backing or a urethane backing)
  • Easy solid waste removal and superior drainage of liquid waste due to the short, dense, sturdy blades in K9Grass that require no infill. (Infill is used with most artificial turf installations, and can trap liquid waste, creating unsanitary conditions.)
  • Diminished microbe growth due to the antimicrobial blades in K9Grass.

K9Grass will make a dog park functional 24/7 in all weather, reduce maintenance, keep pets and parks much cleaner, and provide a great appearance for dog parks year round. To see K9Grass in action at dog parks, visit www.K9Grass.com/parks.

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