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K9Grass is a ForeverLawn brand. ForeverLawn is a leading supplier of synthetic turf that was created out of a desire to develop and provide the highest quality, most technologically advanced synthetic grass products for a variety of uses. For more information on ForeverLawn, visit www.foreverlawn.com.

For several years, we had installed our synthetic grasses for use with dogs in yards and kennels. While synthetic turf definitely offered advantages, there were very distinct drawbacks as well. There were limitations in drainability, cleanability, durability, etc as well as issues with excessive odor from urine absorbing into the infill material.

Finally, one day, we asked the question – “How could we improve a synthetic grass product for use with dogs?” The pursuit of this answer sent us on a 10-month journey – the end result being K9Grass.

We changed everything. We made it knitted, to create the unique flow-through backing. We added AlphaSan, an antimicrobial agent, to protect the yarn from stains and odors associated with bacteria. The knitted construction enabled us to achieve a density not possible through tufting (the common turf construction), which eliminates the need for infill. The durability and construction makes it completely washable.

In short, K9Grass is a truly unique product that is unmatched in the industry. It was developed to specifically meet and fill a need in the marketplace, and was developed with specific thought and intent. What it is not is a label slapped on a common turf product. Today, you can find any number of products claiming to be “for dogs”, but don’t be fooled by the label. Look to the construction of the product. Look to the integrity of the company behind it. Look to K9Grass.

K9Grass - The only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs!
K9Grass - The artificial grass designed specifically for dogs!
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